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Two compliens fusing

Fusion is the process of (usually) two or more compliens' minds, spirits, and bodies combining into one. So far, the ability of fusion has mainly been exhibited by Compliens living on Collusia, though, Compliens from other places have been seen exhibiting it as well. Fusion is a very loose term, and the results can vary greatly in nature.

Basic Fusion

Basic fusion involves two or more Compliens fusing temporarily. Usually, basic fusion lasts for a rather short amount of time. Collusia compliens have used fusion as a method of gaining power, as well as a sign of affection for each other. Basic fusions either seperate at will or because of a disagreement between the compenents of the fusion.

Growth via Fusion

Some fusions are permanent, and are a completely new Complien with their own mind, rather than an amalgam of the components' minds. This phenomenon is called growth via fusion. Newly grown compliens created through fusion are inseperable.

Humanoid Fusion


Mogurian Fusion



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