I think it might be related to Ploft.
 General Information
Scientific Name ''unknown''
Common Name Fwoppy
Pronunciation unknown
Class unknown
Family unknown
Counterparts unknown
Locations unknown
List Number unknown
Generation unknown
Rarity unknown
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Female
Status unknown
Sapience unknown
Instinct unknown
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown

Fwoppys are Special Compliens for the Easter Event in Compleaster 2011.


Fwoppys are cute, cuddly and very attractive. No one could slip of their sight. They could hop to as high as 6 metres and as far as 20 metres away. They are only commonly found during the Easter event and rarely found out of the event. Their wings are a great addition to their backs since when they fly, sparkles scatter in the air.


  • Fwoopy is a special Complien for the Compleaster event during April.
  • Fwoppy's Silhouette can be seen at the "Hints for the Easter Event " picture in the Easter and April Fools Features in Complipedia Blog.

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