"Gamma Tron, THE GREATEST HERO EVER!!!" was a game Mag-Mag, Gamma Tron made to make everyone think he was a hero (But the game was so BAD, it is now used by the Mogurians as torture). It is the worst game ever and isn't sold anymore.

How To Play

Object Of The Game

To win, you must go around the game board and kill all monsters in your way.

Who You Play As

You play as Mag-Mag, Gamma Tron.

List of Monsters (and how to defeat them)

  • Baby - Flip a coin: If heads, you kill it. If tails, flip again.
  • Hero - Roll two dice: If the sum is more than eight, you kill it. If it is less, roll again.
  • Bank - Flip a coin: If heads, you get $1000. If tails, go back to the start.
  • Family - Roll a die: If you get a one, you kill it. If not, you lose $100 and go back to the start.
  • Zeath (Boss) - Roll two dice: If snake eyes, you kill him. If not, game over.
  • Bumbummeron (Boss) - Roll three dice: Multiply the sum by 100 and if the sum is less than the amount of money you have, you kill him. If not, game over.

How To Get Around

Roll a die and go the number of spaces the die shows.

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