Gelatos, the Ice Shard Complien, is a Frost-type and Water-type and evolves to Hieleos.


Gelatos has a 5-pronged head made of an ice shard with blue insides. On it is its large blue eyes and mouth underneath. The head attaches to its blue body, which is mostly round, which attaches to the tail, which has a singular hole on it. Around it are teardrop-like organs which help it sense movements, but they are constantly shed to be replaced.


Gelatos' habitat finds place in deep oceans near the arctic. It eats algae trapped inside icebergs and giant blocks of ice. In order to break through these, it uses his frigid ice-coated head to headbutt the blocks of ice until they crack open. Gelatos' icy head and tail are beyond minus a thousand degrees and will never thaw; oppositely, it will freeze un-salted waters if it says inside them for too long. They can tell if there is any movement or currents nearby, due to their tear-shaped limbs at the end of its tail and fins on each side.


Gelatos GelatosHieleos Hieleos


  • Early versions of Gelatos were darker hues of blue.
  • It will eat small fish if it cannot find algae.
  • Its evolution is actually lighter in weight; this may be due to that Hieleos has hollow fins and tail, filled with oxygen instead.
  • It was featured Complien in October 2014.