Giaenx is a giant Complien. His name is a combo of giant and Sphinx.



  • He is ginormous.
  • His outline, head, arms, and hands are like the Egyptian Sphinx.
  • His body, muscles, wings, and eyes are like the other type of Sphinx.
  • His left arm is a mace.


He can attack with the mace and control ground and sand. He can, of course, fly, and some say he has laser vision. He has super strength due to his size, although he can only use it with one hand.


  • He probably is the biggest type of Complien.
  • He often stabs himself with his left hand(on accident).
  • His body can be easily be pulled apart by another strength-type Complien, or blown away with a Complien like Geogiseblow.


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