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 General Information
Scientific Name ''unknown''
Common Name Grantiz
Pronunciation grant-is
Class unknown
Family Bushbugs
Counterparts unknown
Locations unknown
List Number unknown
Generation unknown
Rarity unknown
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Male/Female
Status Common
Sapience Proto-sapient
Instinct unknown
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown
Grantizzes are insect Compliens that are made out of leaves. It has two small green eyes, six dark green legs, and five leaves on its bottom. It is the evolution of Mantree and one of the final evolutions of Leafbug, besides Treetle.


Grantizzes camouflage themselves as leaves. In the fall, they turn gold and red, but in the winter, they turn a very dark brown and hibernate.




  • When in danger, they attack by slashing with its leaves.
  • The stem on its head sends out hallucination gas when the Grantiz is frightened.
  • Mantree evolves into Grantiz only in sunny conditions. If it isn't sunny, then it will evolve into Treetle instead.