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The great Complien lords, who are legendery characters, were told to be the creators of the Complien's spells and the spell books known as the Pancerma Books. They later made the Pancarmina book to have all of the other spells in one, while the Pancerma books were hidden in secret locations. They also made the Poncrumina book, when they learned that one of them had made spells that where meant to bring destruction and chaos. He was then called "The Traitor" and "The Hate" was the only book that is known to have been created by him, but where it is is unknown.


  • "The Traitor" and ??? .a.k.a. The Unknown Complien, have apparently the same defeate, could they be the same Complien?
  • It is told that the descendant of the Complien lords, guards the Pancerma Books.
  • It is unknown what "The Hate" is about, it is either a diary or a spell book, it is never known.
  • There are some theories that Zeath and Rebirtha could be in family with the Complien lords, but there are no evidence, but Zeath's staff does look like the staff that belonged to one of the Complien lords, a family item? Who knows?

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