Great Complien orbs
Great Complien orbs
Element All
Effects Compliens gain knowledge of all spells of the orb's element, non-Compliens take 200-300 damage if they do not have the same element as the orb
Source Elemental Realms
Description Glowing spheres of pure Complixonox, about 6 inches in diameter.
The great Complien orbs are a collection of balls infused with the raw elements.


The great Complien orbs were created by accident when Holandra was attacked by "Evil"'s demon forces, who stole the complixonox she had for safe keeping. Luraior arrived to stop them from escaping, but in the resulting fight, the complixonox fell off a cliff, through a mine, and into a collection of minerals, which became the great Complien orbs. When the orbs were discovered and placed in a museum, a lump of carbonaxe nearby reacted with the already complixonox-saturated orbs to create Altype. Legend says that Bumbummeron himself smithed the orbs out of the most purest and powerful Complixonox there was. Because of that, the great Complien orbs are the source of the Compliens' magical abilities. This is true in a way, since the sheer power of the orbs is enough to focus all of the universe's complixonox into a form easily coalesced into spells.


  • When a Mogurian, Humanoid, or other non-Complien creature holds one of the orbs, they get damage from the respective orb element if they do not have the same element of complixonox in them.



A Mogurian getting electrocuted by the Volt Orb.

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