"I have seen worst, but give me some time... and ill make it a real warzone"

Greff is a Bounty Hunter that the Mogurians hired to capture Compliens. He is know in many galaxies as "Doomsday Bringer" because of his destructive behavior


Greff is a large alien creature who is as large as a tank (and some humans have even compared him to one at times) and wears a large suit of high tech armor, with many weapons having been build into it. Greff's face is that of a pale, bald human like creature with sunken in eyes that are in a sickly green color, his mouth have been replaced with cybernetic jaws.


when one is called "Doomsday Bringer" its clear that Greff Loguros is not a peacefull creature. Known to have caused the destruction of 10 planets and the extinction of 11,000 species in the known universe, Greff is the by far the most destructive Bounty Hunter on the market.

Weapons and tools

Greff uses many forms of weapons and gadgets in his work, a few of these are his flamethrowers, magnetic grenade launchers, one machine gun turret that is attached to his right shoulder and attached to his right shoulder is a rocket turret that fires napalm filled rockets.


  • Greff do have a helmet that he uses to protect his head, its attached to his back of his armor and when he needs it, like his armor, its a cybernetic one that Greff can take on of off when he needs to. Making it the only peice of his cyborg armor that he can remove.
  • Greff cant take of his armor because it was cyberneticaly grafted on to his body.

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