"Oh, please Zeath... your just a child who can't even control his own power... why do you think many no longer trust you after what happend... to Godhet Isle..."

Hades is the most feared and powerful, of the Solupires, and is the current leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness.


He looks exactly like a normal Soudroz, but with some changes, like having hair, metal claws, a red mouth and eyes with pupils, his colors being dark blue and is bigger than a normal Soudroz.


Hades is the current leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness, and is a common enemy of Zeath and Rebirtha. Hades is talented with dark type spells, vampire spells and fire spells. He is smart, but is arrogant, witch makes him overlook sertal parts of his plans. But he is a loving father of his daughter Lessie, however, he is very demanding of her daughter to follow in his "footstep".



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