Artwork by CattailsWelove
 General Information
Full Name Harthehope
Pronunciation HAR-the-hope
Species Nature Guardian
Gender Female
 Personal Information
Current Location Deceased
Date of Birth Unknown
Status Deceased
Relatives Ferenhope, Natuhope
Allies Ferenhope, Natuhope
Enemies Agrelope
Harthehope is the Nature Guardian Complien. She belongs to the Water and Frost elements. She is part of the Nature Guardian trio of Complien Demigods, alongside Ferenhope and Natuhope.


Harthehope has a lavender, shield-shaped head, with two large blue eyes with eyelashes and a small mouth. There are various waves surrounding her head, in various shades of blue, resembling curly hair. Her body is lavender in color, and long, ending in several waves. Her head and body are separated by a collar resembling an upside-down leaf in shape, blue in color, with a few whispy curls on the sides. She has two long, white arms, mostly covered by sleeves, which are mostly light blue in color, aside from the bottom, which is a darker blue.




  • She is one of the Nature God Compliens.


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