Ilson Island
 General Information
Official Name Ilson Island
Planet Complanet
Government unknown
Capital unknown
Demonym Ilsonian
Population unknown
 National Symbols
Flag unknown
Seal unknown
Ilson island is famed among all humanoids for the uniqueness of it's landscape. It used to only have the green part and was a place where many Compliens lived in peace. But one day around 10,000 years ago a large under-water volcano erupted. the magma cooled on the surface and began forming a new land island. However, because of the intensity and rate at which lava was spewing, the island ontinued to grow and grow until it fused with Ilson island becoming a part of it. Extrordinarily, the new part of the country looks almost exactly like the green half, making Ilson practically symetrical! it has 5 surrounding islands some of which have led to unique compliens evolving such as



The country has many counties as opposed to states. there is no specific ruler of any of them or of Ilson itself. The two "halves" of the island are somewhat hostile to each other.


Neighbouring Countries



Ilson is very mountainous and has lots of jungles on the green half, and very industrialised on the grey half.



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