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During the original CvH War , the Humanoids created one of their first (and probably most failed) Compelions. It was a mutant and had no meaning to the Humanoid leader Morgoth, so they decided to destroy him. But he didn`t want to be destroyed, and fled. His where about was unknown, until the Compliens/Humanoids vs Mogurians war, where he was found by some of the members of the Complien Explorers and Humanoid Explorers, until he was captured by The Mogurians, wanting to study him, but neater they had him for long. After that, he was again lost. He was finally found during the Compliens/Humanoids/Mogurians vs "Evil" war, by "Evil" him self. And was also corrupted by him, until he finally meet his demise at the hand s of his own powers.

==Compliens Defeated==

  • Unknown...

General Knowledge

Type: experimental Habitat: ??? Species: Humanoids, Compelions Ranking name: Abomination Ranking: ???

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