Jarnuf is a fire-type complien. He looks weak at first sight but he has arms made of fire and his body is made like stone. If Jarnuf starts staring at you, you must try to make him stop because if he stares at you for 30 seconds fire will come out of his eyes and it will most likely hit you. (if he is still staring at you).



Jarnuf looks like a small flat log at the bottom of his body with two fire legs on the bottom of that and his middle goes straight up and is made of fire with arms coming off of that (arms of fire) and his head is an odd shape with creepy red eyes (no pupils and the only colours of his body are brown and red dont worry no one has to make the picture im working on it)


Jarnuf is strangely enough a complien that hatches. It's egg (picture coming soon)looks like a normal egg but is on fire and is brown. And if someone is spying on this creature posing to be a complien (but really a humanoid)jarnuf can smell it and jarnuf knows what humanoids smell like and what compliens and humans smell like too!


  • Jarnuf is a hatching creature.
  • Jarnuf can smell anyone to see who or what they really are.
  • Jarnuf is a fire-type complien
  • Jarnuf is a stone-type complien
  • I dont know if I should make him able to evolve or not


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