Joltorph is another epic Complien. He is part of Mochlum's Agency.


Unlike many Compliens, Joltorph's body is more human-like. But his skin color is different. His torso and legs are red, his head is large, yellow, and square, and his hair is spiky and blue. He wears blue pants. He is also very stretchy, because of his jelly-like body. He can stretch out far and sling shot himself far. However, his head is very hard, so he can land on his head and not get hurt at all.


He has the ability to morph into anything. Humans, animals, other compliens, or even things. That's all, pretty much.


  • He was created as a mutation of a human and a mix of other compliens.
  • He is a spy for Mochlum's Agency.
  • The first thing he ever morphed into is a meerkat.
  • He spends his free time pranking people by morphing into strange things.


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