The Ju-Ju-Juggernaut is the Jo-Jo-Joker`s corrupted form. They are very mean and now needs to drain more emotions from their victims. They are now no longer funny and makes laugh, now they wants to scare and beat other Compliens up just to eat their emotions.


They are Personoid in appearance, with a more punk like look. Wearing spikes and chains on their black clothes. They also wears boots and their white masks and jester hats are also changed into a metalic skull mask.


They are mean and cold blooded. They scare other Compliens and sometimes even beats them up. They also dosent care about other Compliens life, mostly leaving them to die if they are badly wounded. Zeath have drawn a likeness to this Compliens, and have been using them to scare or attack The Mogurians.


Jo-Jo-Joker.1 Jo-Jo-JokerJu-Ju-Juggernaut.2 Ju-Ju-Juggernaut


  • "Evil" was apparently the Creator of this Compliens.


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