Koalia is the first and biggest moon. Copokolian is the second and smallest moon and farthest moon from Keoladeajohy. Nalojolican is the third moon and the 3rd largest which is closest to Keoladeajohy. Haleobalican is the fourth from Keoladeajohy and most orange moon. Every time someone sees Haleobalican, Bad Apple!! starts to be sung by all complien who worship that moon.


Keoladeajohy is the hardest to pronounce planet in the Compliens universe. It is home to lots of food types and plain type complien. Each country has a different language. Mostly they all have english. Few don't. Recent Events in Keoladeajohy: -Summer break started -A true thunderstorm hit Kalakal in Koalakookie -


- The currency for Keoladeajohy is ¥.

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