Krake is a small baby octopus-like Complien. They are pretty calm and float in the ocean, they can't go anywhere else. When they are attacked or threatened however, their personalities change. They get very angry and has an array of weapons they can use, such as their vicious claw.



Krakes resemble small coffee-coloured baby octopi with light blue eyes and a large crab claw from beneath their strong tentacles. They float around in the deep ocean and cannot touch the ground, or their claw will break on the coral-covered rocks!!


Krakes are believed to be from the seas of Scottish water, mainly in Loch Ness. They can float above water, and can only breathe out of water for a short while before having to descend to the sea again to fill their funnels with nice salty water. They also have the ability to teleport quite a distance. When attacked, their calm personalities turn nasty, and they attack back with an array of their own weapons, (their claw, teleportation, their further evolutions).


  • Krakes later evolve into Krakins, and eventually evolve into Krakinovas.
  • Krakes' blood is black ink.
  • It is believed that a Krake's blue eyes are gateways to the afterlife.
  • If they are killed, they turned into small white crablike creatures.


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