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Kyubeegurefokkusou is a complien based of a Nine-tailed Gray fox.


Kyubeegurefokkusou are very dangerous. They could kill you just by slapping your face with their 9 gray tails. Each of them has an important duty to the fox. No one knows what it is actually doing so they can't study these foxes. They are EXTREMELY rare and is never found on purpose. Hunters take their whole life to find this mysterious creature, but sadly, none did. If they even do, scientists calcuated that they would be dead before they would even spot one.


  • Do not say that it is copying pokemon. It is actually a complipedia version of Nine tailed foxes, but gray coloured. Other games and stories such as Monster galaxy, Naruto and Sonic have characters as these kinds, exept they look far way different then each other.
  • The name comes from the japanese word, "九尾グレーフォックス" which is pronounced as "Kyū-bi gurēfokkusu."

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