The dark and cruel Lazeum

Lazeum is the grown form of Lestum. It is known as the Oracle Complien.


Lazeum has a sword sticking out of its chest. There are also two red blades on its shoulder. It has red eyes with black pupils instead of white, like Lestum. It also has grey devil wings. It is wearing a robe with skulls. It is a Horror-type Complien.


Lazeums eat anything that is made out of meat. It often disguises itself as an oracle and then kidnaps an oracle. Then it shall use its demonic spells on it. It can also pass through walls and become invisible. It will pull the sword off its body when it wants to fight. The two blades on its shoulder will levitate and automatically attack the enemy. It gives birth by using magic to teleport the baby Lestum out of it. People try to kill it to avoid more death cases. But one human is enough to satisfy the Lazeum. It is known that knights stabbed a sword on it to kill it but it didn't die. Despite it looks like the Lazeum not feeling the pain of the sword on its body, it is actually very painful as 11 swords were on the same area. The Lazeum can stand the pain for only about decades, when it can't stand the pain anymore, it will die. It is much more painful when it pulls the sword out then in.


Lestum LestumLazeum Lazeum


  • It is possible that a dead Sirocell is in its body, but it's unconfirmed.