Golden Knight

the Great Hero in LEGO form.

The Legendary Hero, was a heroic Complien that saved the entire Complien race from one of the greatest threats known of all time, "Evil", at the cost of his life. No information are known of who or what he looked like.


He was known of havins singel handedly defeated one of "Evil"`s most biggest army complitely alone. saving the Complens that lived on the Complien planet and those still to come.

Power and Abilities

Not much was known other than that he was strong enought to defeat many of "Evil" most powerful monsters.


His armour was a classic knight armour but made ofan alloy of the recently discovered gordtal and the then-unknown crystalogox.


Unknown, but there are som belifes that he was the ancestor of the Great Complien Lord, and some belives him to be the ancestor of both Zeath and Rebirtha. only L.E.G. Oliver knows the answer to that.

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