Legiond is a Complien that is Legendary. They have a blue thick fur around its neck. They're mostly related to Staropusses. It is wearing a black and white mask that only shows his right eye. It has all the colours of the rainbow and has a very beautiful design.


This top predator rules the savanas of Africa and can hunt alone. Although, the three plant faeries could outsmart, outrun and kill this beast even if they are small. They could jump as long as 20 metres and has a roar that could be heard 18 miles away. Legiond is very attractive! But don't get too close.


  • Its mass is calculated approximately as 1 hundrejurb.
  • Its height if it stands on two legs is approximately 10 quintonobbs.
  • Legionds' weaknesses are Tiuleep, Rooze and Lilay.

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