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The Evil Lestum

Lestum is the Oracle Complien. It has red eyes that burns anything it focuses on. It has a sharp blade on its head and a dragon wing on its back. It wears white boots with red crystals and a skull-shaped collar. It grows into Lazeum.


Due to its violent activities, people try to kill it. Some use cannons and some even use bombs on them. The blade on its head helps it cut through enemies and also kill them. It has wings that can only have function when it is more than 4 years old. The ones that are below that age are vulnerable. The parent Lazeum dies once it gives birth.


Lestum LestumLazeum Lazeum



  • The Lestum is somewhat a cross-breed of a wolf and a devil. But yet is not evil.
  • The Lestum doesn't have a mouth. Weird!