"Gnaw-wibble-veh, Gnaw-wibble-veh."

The Big Lezebush

Lezebushes are big, grass-furred yaks. It has very thick layers of grassy fur. It also has horns bigger than Lezepiles. The colour of the skin is blue like Lezepile. It is the evolution of Lezepile.


Lezebushes are astonishing creatures that could mesure up to 5 metres long and 4 metres high. Their horns are almost 4 feet long. Its thick fur keeps it warm from the rain. They breed at wide plains. Because of their size, they walk very slow but the thick fur also protects it from predatory bites. Unlike the Lezepiles, they need less carbon dioxide. Their stomp can create a magnitude that can be felt 7 miles away.


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