• Reapers: Insect-like monsters with four arms and two long legs. Their heavily armored scales makes them practically invincible. With their very sharp claws, they can cut through diamond. They have also a snake-like head with a long neck. They also have black, moldy hair covering their head. Reapers can spit a very powerful acid that is stronger than sulfur dioxide. They live in caves and hunt when it is dark. Should not be mistaken for the Reapers that lives on Complanet
  • Mogers: Large, ape-like monsters that live on the mountains of Magornia. They have black fur and their skin is grey. They also have a long tail with a fifth hand on the end. Some Mogers are tamed by the Mogurians to be used as guards.
  • Shadow Spiders: Black-skinned, human-like creatures that are very thin and can climb on walls. They are scavengers that that look for remains of food. They also steal food from other animals, and even from the Mogurians themselves.
  • Slugogs: These slug-like creatures are used as pets by the Mogurians. They have four legs, two small antennas on the top of their head and a three jawed mouth. Counselor Magoru has a Slugog named Pitsy.

More will come.

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