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This is a list of the Defeats the Mogurians have suffered during the war against the Compliens and the Humanoids.
  • The great invasion - the Mogurians first attack on the Compliens home world.
  • The Humanoid temple - The Mogurians lost their secret lab to the Humanoid explorers.
  • The Mutant vally - The Mogurians and their general, Mogatron, lost to both the Complien and the Humanoid explorers plus their own mutant plant which was named Zorbuck.
  • The school invasion - the Mogurians tried to capture the young Compliens, but were later defeated by them. Mogatron named this "his most humiliating defeat in his entire career".
  • The dam attack - The Mogurians most embaracing defeat of all time, this is what you call an epic fail. The Mogurians where planing to destroy a dam, that was not to far away from a Complien village, they would then fish up the wet compliens after that. But when the Mogurians where diging into the dam, they aimed wrong, instead of coming up at the out side of the dam, they came up at the inside of the dam. And this is accolly not the Compliens nor the Humanoids, victory over the Mogurians, but the Mogurians worst enemy, Bad Luck!.

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