Lou Charck is a Piranoid who leads a league of Pirates, known as "The Black Roger". He is feared by most Compliens, even his fellow Piranoids and Crewnoids. He is cruel, harsh and cold hearted, but he is not a fool and can see when he must set aside his hatered for his enemies if it means he will survive or gain treasure.


Standing twice as tall as his fellow Piranoids and wearing armour that lookslike a ship thats cover his left shoulder, this ship also have small cannons witch can fire small fire balls. On his left arm he have a hook/claw that can release bolts of energy.


Lou Charck was one of the few Piranoids who was unsuccsesful in youth, when he originaly was a Crewnoid, and thus how he became a Piranoids, non of the other Piranoids know. But when Lou secretly got his hands on the Eye in the Sky Orb and sapped a large amount of power from it, his dreams became a reality, and he thus started to bully the other Piranoids who had originaly mocked him, until he then started to plunder anything on Complanet that he could see.


  • Lou hates to be called a failure, because its reminds him of his past life, with was as succsesful as Failoniods.

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