Mag-Mag, Gamma Tron 2.0

Mag-Mag, Gamma Tron 2.0

Mag-Mag, Gamma Tron is a computer virus that uses a robotic body to walk around in the Complien world. He is a dangerous and powerful foe. Fortunately, he is also extremely stupid and has a weird love for doing evil laughs in unneccessary moments. He is also the mayor of his very own city named Tronopolis , and has even made a game, a type of candy, and a TV channel. All of them are incredible failures. Because of his stupidity, many villians like to make fun of him.


  • Gamma Tron and S.I.C.A.I. have become good friends.
  • Most people agree that, if Gamma Tron was smarter, he would have succeeded in his plans.
  • He is a parody of the main villain, Rex, from the Gex video game series.


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