Magmus is the great Complien lord of the Fire-type Compliens.


Magmus's body is made out of magma and fire. He wears a special type of enchanted stone armor that melts conventional weapons before they get to his body and always carries around his trusty fire staff/sword.


Magmus is as hot-blooded as the other Fire-type Compliens. If you get him angry, he could go on a rampage. He has a terrible temper that could be set off at any time, which is why many people fear him. Magmus also gaurds the Pancerma book of fire.


  • Magmus's body is so hot it keeps the magma in his body from melting and powers the armor.
  • He was originally a rare mix of Stoen and Fier born from, well, a Stoen and a Fier.


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