The Magornia Universe
Magornia is the Mogurians' home solar system.


Molfo - Closest to the sun Terny and the hottest planet. Has no moons.

Tiptip - The second closest planet to Terny. Its moon is Roos.

Cipipipi - The third closest planet to Terny.Its moons are Lyyr and Peernot.

Moguria - The fourth planet from Terny and the Mogurians' home planet. It has two moons, Muut and 3rtpb0n.

Popice - The coldest and farthest planet, but has the most moons of all the planets, including Ochre, Auburn, Amber, Rust, Vermilion, Persimmon, and Gamboge.


There are only a few types of Compliens that live in this solar system; this includes the Goatmare, the Swamprat, the Gusturtle and many more that have not been documented.


  • The space-station Nebula II, is the home to the Mogurian council.

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