Marity in her original outfit when she was a secretary
 General Information
Full Name Marity
Pronunciation mare-eh-tee
Species Mogurian
Gender Female
 Personal Information
Current Location JMW News
Date of Birth 1993
Status Alive
Relatives Togunu (Third cousin, once removed)
Allies Mr. News, Camera Joe
Enemies None
Marity is a Mogurian anchorwoman working at JMW with Mr. News.


She was originally Chancellor Magoru's secretary, handling paper work and giving out orders to the Mogurian soldiers. After a drunk Mogurian trooper came up to her desk and asked for her hand in marriage in a decidedly non-romantic way, Marity promptly slapped the trooper and quit her job (she had already been in three similar events in the past). Marity then started working for JMW.


  • She enjoys eating incredibly spicy food and orders chili peppers by the kilogram.
  • She fancies Mr. News, but isn't sure if he likes her back.

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