This article is mediocre. No personal offense intended. As a general rule, spin-off Compliens must be more original and conform to a higher state of quality, about equal to that of fully original Compliens, while still being recognizable as that object. Or perhaps this article is just boring. Either way, someone on this wiki suggests that you fix it!
The person who added this template also provided the following reason: Boring design (it's music notes in the shape of a person??), not a lot of page content
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Melodai is a sound-type complien.


A Melodai is made up entirely of musical notes. It's head is a Whole note (Semibreve) with a face^. It's arms and shoulders are a Beamed note. It's torso is a Quarter note (Crotchet). It's legs are Eighth notes (Quavers).


Melodais can play certain tunes that have certain effects on creatures. Advanced Melodais can play very deadly tunes while weaker Melodais' tune has a lower effect.


  • It's name is a variation of "Melody".
  • ^Face = FACE, a word used to remember the interstitial spaces on a Staff (Stave) (the notes are F, A, C, and E).

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