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Mograna is the Mogurian's goddess. She is the creator of the Mogurians and it was told that she had a crush on Bumbummeron. The Mogurians misunderstood the crush as an interest for the Complien's power, and wanted (long after the first Humanoid-Complien war) their powers.

The Story

After the story of Bumbummeron`s descent to the Underworld, Mograna went completely insane, and exploded into a big destructive red light that almost destroyed the entire Mogurian universe. Mograna's remaining energy morphed into a red field of light that kills anything going into it. It is said that Mograna was responsible for corrupting the Yetice that stole the original Marsymom away from Bumbummeron, but hearing that he was too devastated to even like Mograna, she was so guilty she went crazy.

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