Mogurian spy
Mogurian spy.2.0
 General Information
Scientific Name natural eauforedes
Common Name Mogurian spy
Pronunciation mow-gerh-ee-ahn spiey
Order Natural
Locations Who knows?
Rarity Rare
 Mogurian Information
Element(s) unknown
Sapience Fully sapient
Mogurian spies are some of the most trained Mogurian army elites. They can transform into Compliens, Humanoids, and other creatures to spy for the Mogurian army.


The Mogurian Spies are the Mogurian army's best trained soldiers, and have been trained to use the rune magic of shapeshifting. This allowes them to disguise as almost anyone they see or know of. However one of the draw backs is that their eye color stay the same, this is because of the special red goggles they must wear to use the rune magic, which covers their eyes from the spell's effect.

One spy infiltrated the Complien Explorers, knocked out Tona the Staropuss, and kidnapped her. He passed off as her for a few months, relaying information to the Mogurians, until he was discovered doing so. In his race to escape, he fell into a vat of Mulcohal and became drunk. The CEs managed to find Tona and send the spy back to his home planet.


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