Monalisa Paintara
Monalisa Paintara is the leader of the Art-type Compliens. She is also one of the few female great Complien leaders.


She is short. Her hair can be used as two large paint brushes.


Monalisa was originally a young, poor Atr artist who lived in North Golfland. There she painted on any surface she could find. One day, a Battoan named Ezibalo Ngemilingo came to her and told her he wanted to give her a career as an artist. Monalisa was surprised and happy, but she didn't like the suspiciously big grin that Ezibalo had on his face. But, as the days went by, she started to forget that dangerous grin. After several weeks however, she found her new life to be boring and instead wanted to see the world. Ezibalo, however didn't like that, so he locked her up in her room, so she could not escape. Luckily for her a strange Complien was standing out side her window, though she was confused because her room was at the top floor of Ezibalo's house, however she let the Complien in to her room, the Complien introduced himself as Exterres and he told her that he was trying do a prank on Ezibalo, but one of Ezibalo's guard Roarolf had chased after him until he was forced to climb to the top of the house to escape. Monalisa then asked him if he culd help her escape from Ezibalo, Exterres then though about it, and desited to help her. Because it was starting to get dark, they both meant that it was the best time to flee, so Monalisa then packed what she needed and both Exterres and her fled from Ezibalo. After some time, they both had come to Exterres home, where Exterres was of course scolded by his parents for having been out long after his bed time, but they still allowed Monalisa to stay for the night... Still working on this.


  • She guards the Pancerma book of art.
  • Monalisa and Nemindes are good friends.


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