Morgoth the Humanoid

 General Information
Full Name Morgoth the Humanoid
Pronunciation MORE-goth the HYOO-man-oid
Species Humanoid
Gender Male
 Personal Information
Current Location The Underworld
Date of Birth 40-ish years before CvH War
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Allies Humanoid army
Enemies Compliens

"Please hear my final words, my actions cannot be exused, but please aid my people. And may my hope for the future be of our two kind one day join together in peace. I can now only hope that my soul be judge as i am now and was, so that i can die, ither as a miss guided fool, or a monster!"

Morgoth was the original ruler of the Humanoids, but was tricked into the Blue Hole. Morgoth wears red and yellow clothes and a crown with a huge ruby in the top.


Morgoth was a Humanoid who was chosen to rule them during the worst times, namely when the rest of his kind was suffering the decease that caused their DNA to become unstable. Morgoth however had no clue what a leader did, but he knew that he could not abuse his power during this dark times. Because of the low production of the cure , he declared that the cure should be distributed to all the young amoung the Humanoids and becasue of that, he made shure to use only a small portion for the adults, this bought the Humanoids more time to find a new cure, but they would eventualy discover Complixonox. During his time in trying to save his people, the decease was starting to affect his brain, causing brain damage, which lead to Morgoth becoming more unstable and prone to fight. He was however defeated and lured into the Blue Hole, but at his moment of death, he asked the Complien responisble for his defeate to help his people, and hoped there would be peace betvine them. 


  • Though Morgoth had enacted horrible events against the Compliens, he was still rememberd for being another victime of the Humanoid decease.


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