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"So many years, so many wars, so many dead innocence creatures. I still hope to find the light at the end of this tunnel, but the only light i can now hope for is at the end of a gun barrel"

Morgus Gatling was a soldier the Mogurians hired, and was given command over the Cyber-Compliens. He is a deprest alien creature from a planet called Galatrax. He looks like a cross between a wolf and a crocodile. He was once a soldier in a war that he won but at the cost of his fellow soldiers, leaving him the only surviver of the war and have because of that, searched the universe for a battle that will give him the honor he wished for and to come back as a hero to his wife and kids, but so far he have only been in wars that have only ended with him feeling worse and is now in the Compliens universe, and if he can't find the honor he hoped for here, then he got noting left to live for.


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  • He has a gun that have been in his family's owner ship for many years, one that he plans to use to end his missery on day.

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