Mortornus is a mysterious Complien. It seems that most of its body has rotted away and under its head you can see its rib cage.


It has a small face with glowing eyes which are most often yellow. It also has a mouth, though its scarf usually blocks it from being seen. Upon its head is a purple hood bordered by golden seams, with a lantern located at the end. It wears a dark scarf with a skull in the middle, which leads to a purple robe, also having golden seams at the end. Its ribcage can be seen inside, leading to black clothing at the bottom.


They use their lights to communicate because they are often too shy too talk. It lost most of its body when it caught on fire. Its skin eventually rotted away and very little of their body remains.




  • Its name comes from the latin words for dead ash.
  • The light that flashes from it's latern is the color of its mood.
  • Morturni can also have green, silver, red, blue, and even pink eyes.
  • It's mouth is full of sharp fangs which it usees to scare away enemies, but it never attacks with them.
  • They have three horns underneith their cap.


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