Mr. News
 General Information
Full Name Mr. News
Pronunciation mister news
Species Mogurian
Gender Male
 Personal Information
Current Location His house
Date of Birth 1992
Status Alive
Relatives unknown
Allies Marity, Camera Joe
Enemies unknown
Mr. News is a Mogurian anchorman working at JMW with Marity.


He was originally a soldier (or to be fair the message delivery boy) in the Mogurian army, but quit and later gor a job at JMW. He is always very sleepy for some reason and sleeps on the job most of the time. Everyone thinks this is really funny. Mr. News (his real name is Stev News) has seen a lot of strange things in his life, but he sleeps so much that he is not sure if most of it is true. He has a nocturnal way of life and sleeps mostly during the day. At night, he reads about the Compliens and Complanet, but he falls asleep while reading the books and forgets where he was.


  • There is one event many people find funny that when Mr. News was reading the news, he suddenly went to sleep, and Marity had to continue on the news readings with his parts. Then, Mr. News started snoring, and the channel had to stop broadcasting for a few minutes to get Mr. News out of the way.
  • He often partners with Camera Joe to film and report on events or interview people.
  • He fancies Marity, but isn't sure if she likes him back.

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