Mr. Suun Mon is a demigod created by L.E.G. Oliver to regulate the orbits of the sun and moons. He also loves disco.


He is very human in appearance, with a large purple afro, a black jacket, and dark blue pants. His skin is also blue, and he always holds two golden staves with a sun and a moon on them.


Because of Complanet's erratic orbit and its varying gravitational pull, Mr. Suun Mon has to routinely pull the planet around the sun and to pull the moons around the planet. He also occasionally must speed up or slow down the sun, planet, or moons' spins to keep them steady. He accomplishes this by performing several rituals, which he has tweaked to be totally radical disco moves, yo.


  • He is a member at the Stronghold of Music and goes there three times a week.
  • His two golden staves where originaly the seven Sun & Moon orbs, witch where forged into the two staves so that they could not be stolen again.


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