Mucket is a floating, sound-type complien that can play infinite musical instruments, the trick to play more musical instruments all at the same time is duplicating himself and giving each an instrument.


Mucket looks like a robot (he's not). He is hard to kill due to the fact that his skin is made of stainless steel and his bones are made of iron and metal. He always wears a golden music note on his chest as a sign of superiority in music. Mucket doesn't have feet and he floats by blue "light" that is not actualy light but neon that defeys gravity. He has "wings" but did you know that those aren't wings? Those are his "instrument storages" where he stores all the musical instruments. He can take these "wings" off anytime he wants. He has hidden hands which he only shows when he needs them. He has golden eyeballs and human lips.


He loves peace and does not attack Humanoids or other living things even if they attack him. He can rebuild himself.


  • Mucket was originaly Songpedia's maskot but was donated to Complipedia by Nobody Cares.
  • Mucket's art style is unique and different to most compliens.


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