Ogenous is the Humanoid demigod of death. His job is to bring dead Humanoids' spirits to the Underworld, and works in tandem with Greffter and Nnoghin to keep the Underworld monsters in the Underworld.


Ogenous is very similar to Greffter and Nnoghin, in that all of them work as psychopomps and guards for the Underworld. He is a kind-hearted person with an idealistic view of the world. Because everyone in the Underworld is panicking about being dead and all, so everything is in a constant state of chaotic anarchy, Ogenous is also a community servant that spends time trying to uplift the society of the Underworld through gathering the most societally important souls together, establishing organizations and charities, and generally doing philanthrophic activities to establish a proper civilization.


  • Ogenous is the main wrangler of Psycrobots, the insane robot halves of cyborg souls that are considered Underworld monsters, since they mainly come from Humanoids and Ogenous is best for calming them down.
  • The only thing Ogenous gets mad about is when people throw their trash nearby, but not in a trash can. Anything else he accepts solemnly and patiently, but he throws a fit when people do that.
  • He and Nnoghin are drinking buddies.

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