An Onsolp

Onsolps are balls of death accidently made by the creator. It has a levitating diamond above its head and colourful tails.


Onsolps are tiny devils that are very mysterious and carnivorous. It hides near caves waiting for prey to walk by. When the prey is near, it will fly towards the prey and then hypnotize them with its colourful tail. When the prey is hypnotized, it bites the prey and then injects venom to make sure it dies. When the prey dies, it will quickly eat the prey to avoid scavengers. Even if there are scavengers, this little bad thing will eat them too!


  • Onsolps' masses are about 4 kilograms
  • An Onsolp's face is measures about 6 centimeters from top to bottom and from one side to the other.

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