Republic of Otally
A map of Otally showing states, borders, and major cities
 General Information
Official Name Republic of Otally
Planet Complanet
Government Federal Republic
Capital Romus
Demonym Otallian
Population ~44 million
 National Symbols
Flag OtallyFlag
Seal unknown
Otally is a country of hope and creation. Many successful Compliens originated here.


Otally adopted states with defined borders in late 2013. It was made official in early 2014. The new states are, in decreasing order of population:

  • Capitum
  • Caepexi
  • Optilis
  • Nasalat
  • Omotia
  • Nuchmont
  • Cerebris
  • Sisilis


The flag depicts an orange sun rising over a red and green hill on a white backdrop. A lone black star lies in the upper left corner. The rising sun represents the country's cultural achievements, and the black star represents evil and regression.

Neighbouring Countries


Land Features

  • Spinis Mountains
  • State of Success
  • Brain Department County
  • Bottom Cliff
  • Land of Fate

Aquatic Features

  • Caepexi River Complex
  • Incus River
  • Connection Bay
  • Vision Sea
  • Sea of Departure


  • The country seemingly depicts a human head turned on its side with the face facing right.
    • This is a reference to the fact that the real-life country Italy looks like a boot.
  • Seveal names of the states and areas are linguistically linked to parts of the head or brain.
  • The export of Qworx Diamonds is a major economic factor in Otally. The gems are commonly mined at the beaches of Nasalat and Omotia, at the sea floor of Connection Bay, and in underwater coves in the region.
  • Otally used to border Geramy until Otally sold its Southeastern Territory to Nrance.
  • Vulkan visited Otally and was inspired by the citizens to go back to The Magical Academy of Compliens and become headmaster.

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