It's just a tiny fraction of a single school, beware!

A Pearahna is a Complien based off a Piranha and Pea.


Pearahnas are smart predators. Since they are small, they hunt in schools to hunt at both land and sea. Like sharks, they sense their prey through vibration. Once they sense a prey, they rush to the prey and spin around it making a Pearahna tornado. This tornado lasts for 3 seconds, after the Pearahna tornado fades, the prey is nothing but a destroyed body. The Pearahna school is so big it could destroy humans (not Humanoids) in just 2 seconds. It is known that in the Pearahna tornado, the Pearahna also eats the prey while spinning by nibbling and swallowing quickly and nibbling again. Giants or Rock Bros., they could destroy them all even on land since peas, are plants.


  • The name Pearahna comes from 'pea' and 'piranha'.

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