Pielife is a type of food. 


Pielife is inherently magical. It heals Compliens and other Complixonox creatures by different amounts depending on how much Pielife is consumed. An entire pie of Pielife will fully heal the consumer. A slice of half the pie will heal half of the consumer's health. A slice of 1/4 will heal the consumer by 1/4 of its health, and so on.

Pielife is made up of reldrich berries and normal pie crust. The reldrich berries are crushed, put in the pie crust, and baked at 250 degrees for 5 minutes, or until the pie crust becomes golden yellow and the Pielife emits a chocolate smell.

Pielife tastes slightly bittersweet, with a main taste of whipped cream and steak. The crust by itself tastes like pizza crust, but this flavor is drowned out by the reldrich berry filling.

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