General Information
Scientific Name enthrupenoyd tyep injenural
Common Name Plani
Pronunciation /ˈplænˌi/ - [PLAN-ee]
Class Enthrupenoyd
Family Tyep
Counterparts unknown
Locations Anywhere
List Number 1C.4
Generation 1
Rarity Common
 Complien Information
Elements Plain
Gender Male/Female
Status Alive
Sapience 0.6
Instinct Neutraliser
Grows into Natuer, Fier, Watre, Votl, Earht, Espre, Horrro, Spectrla, Ari, Cosmci, Ligth, Dakr, Insetc, Metla, Cybre, Frots, Magci, Toxci, Tiem, Soudn, Eneryg, Lief, Leehc, Fodo, Atr, Drema, Bralw, Crystla, Nuclera, Vodi, Mysteyr
Grows from N/A
Alternate forms of Growth Burgeon: Lal

Corruption: Demno

Plani is the Growth Complien. They can grow into an amazingly wide variety of forms, and is belived to be the childrens of Totallos.


Planis look like small white men with two eyes, no mouth, and a large head.


They are one of the most basic Compliens known, and are said to be one of the very first to come into existence. The Planis have a certain structure which allows them to grow into any element imaginable. Some rumors say that different Complien elements actually come from the Planis and their grown forms, though there is little evidence backing this up. Planis are very common Compliens, and can be found almost anywhere on Complanet. Their grown forms, on the other hand, typically seem to rest in fitting locations. Many things can influence how Planis grow, such as what they eat, or where they are when it happens. It is popular with hair and clotes stylists, as its soft body allows it to be shifted by a delicate hand into a specific shape.


Since Planis grow into a wide variety of forms, rather than listing several templates, here is a simple list.


  • Its name comes from "plain".
  • All Plani evolutions have the same naming system - the name of their type with the last two letters switched.  Rusyt and Lal are the only exceptions.
  • They eat by absorbing the food into their bodies.
  • Their bodies are incredibly soft, to the point that some Compliens thends to call them for either marshmallow Compliens or Pillow Compliens



Plani's Moveset




Weak Punch






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