Latvian nightmare
Potatohms use their batteries to fire out electricity. They are very deadly and very vicious despite only being 3 nobbs tall. They evolve into Spudnic albeit unnaturally. they are the first evolution in the mecha-potato line, the last being Robotato.


A Potatohm looks like a potato with two evil yellow eyes and a backpack-like battery on its back. Two wires connect to a Potatohm's brain.


Potatohms like to be alone. If approached they will zap powerfully. They never run out of electricity, oddly. They are known to power large factories all over the universe, not for their own benefit, but just as an excuse to shoot electricity. They are a very sufficient power source, even though they are evil.


  • Their name derives from potato and ohm, a unit of electrical measurement.
  • Potatohms' design, meanwhile, is an exaggerated interpretation of the fact that potatoes can generate small electric currents.
  • It has been known for Potatohms to zap too much and cook themselves. They apparently taste great.
  • Removing the battery will in fact kill a Potatohm.
  • The first ever potatohm's appearance coincides with the invention of the battery. Scientists are left baffled as to which came first.


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