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Psyquas are water spirits. On full moons, they rise from any body of still water and stare blankly for hours. Any creature to catch its gaze will become entranced and walk towards them. They disappear on contact and are never found again.


Psyqua has a human appearance with large entrancing eyes. Its body is completely water.


It is unknown where this Complien goes during the day. Some say that all water is one giant Psyqua. This may be true, as a giant Psyqua has been spotted in the middle of the ocean


  • Psyqua has no definite height or weight.
  • They are genderless.
  • it is not known whether one can kill a Psyqua. The water can be seperated and the Psyqua would be forced to disappear, but no one knows if they are killed or not.
  • Psyqua gets its name from "psychic" and "aqua"


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