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Puzzle Dude is a Complien that comes in five pieces. Once pieced together, he is very powerful.
PuzzleDude Trans


He looks like four puzzle pieces put together with a smiley face in the middle (which is his head). Has two arms and two legs.


His special power is to split into pieces and split humanoids into harmless puzzle pieces. Each of his puzzle pieces represent one element: orange for fire, blue for water, green for plants, and yellow for electricity. His puzzle pieces are also part plastic. Beware, Humanoids!


  • Mysterious, rare sightings.
  • Friendly if not threatened.
  • Can split into puzzle pieces that attack on their own.
  • He can float.
  • He can't die, even if defeated (0.0000000001% chance of that happening).
  • First Complien made by Yoybotplant.
  • Puzzle Dude's original picture can be found on Yoybotplant's profile.
  • Very distantly related to Zenta.


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